Recorded Webinar: Prototype Engineering during Covid-19

Prototype Engineering

In midst of PPE scramble, UNLV engineers fill face shield shortage in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. These engineers are making a difference. In the following video titled “Prototype Engineering during Covide-19” Peter Faught and Terry Kell from UNLV gave us an update of their recent efforts and how they are committed to educational and research mission at UNLV. This presentation is created for K-12 students.

Manufacturing in a Time of Crisis

Beginning in late March, 2020, Edelman and Culpepper led the MIT initiative to develop and mass-produce low-cost face shields and donate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) from campus entities to front-line health workers and hospitals in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The two will discuss these efforts and other ongoing research at MIT to address the crisis.

Engineering Design Process

The following series, hosted by Don Higdon from NASA, will guide you through the steps in the Engineering Design Process, a system designed to help introduce students to the method engineers use to approach and solve a design problem.