Nova77 Data+AI Program Planning Committee member (2021-2022)

Nova77 Data+AI Program Planning Committee member (2021-2022)
Role description & Overview

Nova77 Data+AI Program

As we can see, on a global level digital innovation is basically what moves the market. Nova77 Data+AI program seeks to equip our youth aged 14-24 from diverse background with digital skills, problem-solving skills, and entrepreneurial vision, especially digital entrepreneurship mindset, needed to tackle real-world challenges.

The program introduces the concept of digital entrepreneurship to our youth. This program presents an opportunity for our youth to learn about Python, data analysis and visualization, and machine learning by using NASA’s open data to solve real-world problems. Through project-based learning with engaging activities, zoom webinars by invited speakers, and group work, this educational program will create an enriching experience for our youth to develop their digital entrepreneurship mindset by introducing cloud computing, social media, the Internet of things, big data, and artificial intelligence. The program will develop a digital entrepreneurial mindset throughout the program among our youth and teams for data-driven, cloud-enabled, and platform-centric activities.

The program will support our youth to make connections, develop ideas, derive meanings, collaborate, and communicate with digital creativity, specifically:

  • Learn how to efficiently use online resources by asking which are the best? Which are complementary? And In what order are these resources the most appropriate?
  • Learn how to use NASA’s open data to solve real-world problems.
  • Learn to train oneself become better.
  • Find a way to evolve digital skills.
  • Learn how to acquire new digital skills.

Role description

The Program Planning Committee (PP Committee) is a group of volunteers who will organize and be responsible for our event logistics (i.e. venue, invitations, etc). In addition, the Committee serves to maintain and build relations with Nova77’s invited speakers, fundraising, maintaining relations with middle schools, high schools, and colleges; and moderating in our Discord servers and other social media. Volunteers not familiar with our current program will be trained by the committee leader.


  • Interested in coding, big data and Machine Learning
  • Interested in NASA’s open data
  • Commitment to positive social impact
  • Organizational skills
  • Public relation skills
  • Commitment of 3-5 hours a week

Volunteer Responsibilities

  • Attend our webinars by invited speakers (there will be approx. 1 per month)
  • Attend Saturday Study Groups
  • Securing venue (zoom meeting or zoom webinar) and completing other planning logistics
  • Marketing and recruiting participating schools and students
  • Advertising our webinars to schools and advertising volunteer roles
  • Recruiting invited speakers and sponsors
  • Collaborating with our Curriculum Building Committee
  • 30-minute weekly meeting for planning assignments and updates
  • 30-minute monthly meeting reflecting evaluating the program
  • Preparing our next Hackathon event


The volunteer role is uncompensated.