EV3 for ROADS: Getting Started with EV3

Install EV3 Programming App

  • EV3 Programming App is different form EV3 Lab software.
  • Check for Update and install updates for EV3 programming App.

Update EV3 firmware to V1.10E

  • Follow instructions here: Firmware Update
  • You may have to use Google Chrome (Firefox is not supported).

Start a New Project

  • Home->New Project->project settings (3 dots)->Rename->…->Save (Click “Move”)

Mission Objectives

  1. Sample Collection and Caching. A Lego EV3 robotic rover will be used to perform the exploration of the Mars surface. To simulate limited communications between Mars and the Earth, the play button can be used up to six times. The rover will start at the center of the blue landing circles and can be pointed in any direction. The rover need to pick up as many samples as possible and drop them off at the caching site (green circles).
  2. Navigate to the white square. After dropping off the samples the rover needs to drive to the white square in order to probe into the soil sample.
  3. Navigate to the large 3D crater while carrying a mini-drone.