In the News: Nova77’s HiRISEAI Project got funded by NASA

Nova77’s HiRISEAI project has got funded by NASA. Here’s the news:

“NASA has bold, long-term goals, so it’s critically important that we reach students where they are, and create opportunities for them to experience those feelings of discovery and confidence that STEM engagement is really all about,” said Mike Kincaid, NASA’s associate administrator for STEM engagement. “The Community Anchor Awards will help us reach a diverse audience while sharing and supporting NASA’s missions and future plans.”

In this project, we, at Nova77, strive to meet the needs of our high school students and their families in southern Nevada as well as the public at large by serving as a uniquely rich resource of materials and information through exhibits, education, and research. The goal of the project is to inspire innovators locally and globally.

Here’s the project website:

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