Recorded Webinar: Project LLOCUST

Nova77 STEM Workshop hosts a zoom webinar on March 27th on Project LLOCUST. The winning team from NASA Space Apps Challenge 2020 give a presentation on their project LLOCUST. LLOCUST detects and predicts locusts’ whereabouts as well as forecasts their movements in vulneral areas. Using a machine learning model trained on NASA’s satellite data of wind, humidity, surface temperatures, and vegetation index, – all of which are factors that promote locust population – the team attunes LLOCUST to create a heat map of areas that are most at risk of locust infestation. Through the use of an interactive, AI-powered, user-friendly website, farmers, city-officials, and businesses alike are able to view the model’s detection and forecasts in the form of an interactive map.
Here’s the recorded video:

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