Nova77 to Host NASA Space Apps Challenge 2020

Space Apps Challenge

Space Apps Challenge 2020 is a 48-hour global virtual hackathon for scientists, engineers, programmers, storytellers and entrepreneurs around the world to use NASA’s open data to solve NASA-designed real-world Challenges. Nova77 STEM Workshop is hosting the lead event for Las Vegas and surrounding area over the weekend of 3rd and 4th of October, 2020.

Benefits of participation

  • Growing your skills
  • Boosting your resume
  • Getting yourself recruited
  • Collaborating and innovating.

Registration is free and open to anyone

Registration is free and open to anyone no matter of age or skill levels. You will be supported by local experts in Data Science and AI, and also by veterans of NASA’s International Space Apps Challenge.

Our Organizers

Our organizers are all volunteers. We recruit sponsors, manage marketing campaigns, schedule speakers, and run the event.

Our Sponsors

Our Sponsors make financial contributions in exchange for recruiting and marketing opportunities, and brand promotion.

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