Recorded Webinar: Crater Formations by Dr. Gene Smith

Nova77 STEM Workshop hosts a Zoom webinar on crater formations by Dr. Gene Smith on July 26, 2020. Dr. Smith talks about the various modes of crater formations (collapse, explosion, decompression) and give examples of each in the Mojave Desert-Great Basin and surrounding areas. Dr. Smith came to UNLV in 1978 for a year as a visiting profesor and returned in 1980s. Smith has been at UNLV since then and now is a professor Emeritus. When he retired on June 30, 2013, along with his wife, UNLV astornomy professor Diane Smith, they had been teaching and conducing research at the university for nearly 70 years combined. In that time, Smith’s fascination with the geology of the desert Southwest has never dulled. “Nevada has some of the msot spectacular geology of any place on earth”, Smith beams, “It’s like a Disneyland for geologists”. The recorded webinar is now online here:

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